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Meeting #7

posted Oct 22, 2016, 11:49 AM by Alexander Wirth
Elementian fluid 
Reward for fluids sucks so bad, upgrade them 

Random seating, meet new people

Build togeher 
REaching out as a comminuty 

OutReaching for a larger community from matt broomfeild 
- SGA Meetings 
- Community Serivice hour requirements 

- Encourage CS majors to join 

- Create a Better website 

-  Mix up the event games

- Use More Social Media 

- Show and Tell, see if it can be presented 

- Host Public server 

- Host pocket edition server 

-  Run amazing plugins and mods 

- Contribute to spigot/sponge/forge 

- Befreind other minecraft college groups 

- Document Everything 

Other ideas

- console edition

- VR stuff

- Plugin/mods programming competitions

- Run two meeting, one for planning, one for the fun
 -- Pres, Finacial, event coorindator 
 -- othjer 


- Continue recruiting from the club fair..

- keep looking for new presidents

Ask  Matt something